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We are proud of the partnership that we have had with CSS over several years. The data-driven approach to improving customer service has contributed to our increased student retention

Service Excellence Training Service Excellence Training
Through our customized Service Excellence training, our clients have received more consistently high levels of service across the organization, improved student satisfaction, improved reputation for providing service in a customer-friendly manner, reduced student/parent complaints and conflicts, and improved employee satisfaction, customer service competency, and attitude.

CSS Service Excellence training helps staff be more comfortable and confident in interacting with customers and better positioned to improve rapport and relationships.

At-Risk Profiling At-Risk Profiling
CSS uses predictive modeling starting with regression analysis to determine which student-specific indicators had the highest correlation to non-retention. This creates a Profile of those factors/characteristics that indicate risk.

We then devise a Targeted Retention Plan for just those students. The Plan is a combination of personalized messaging and personal contacts with the at-risk students.

This is one of the most efficient ways to identify students at-risk of not returning for the next semester and enabling your proactive retention efforts.

Student Retention Strategy Student Retention Strategy
Our Student Relationship Development model helps us quickly assess how effectively you acquire and use your student data to develop relationships with them, retain them, and grow your relationship with them.

Our combination of management and staff interviews, analysis of databases/systems, and evaluation of retention performance over time enables us to quickly evaluate current performance and map out a detailed plan for improving student retention and success.

Creating a culture of customer service, student success, and retention.       
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Mystery Shopping Mystery Shopping
CSS can paint a picture of a student or parent’s typical experience with your organization. We provide onsite, telephone, e-mail, and web shopping services.

The CSS Consultative Mystery Shopping Program uses a combination of subjective tools and objective evaluation forms to assess the customer experience relating to staff attitudes, service delivery processes, and the facility layout and signage.

Training Reinforcement Training Reinforcement
Ensure that skills learned in training are reinforced throughout the year via short, monthly reinforcement exercises which supervisors share with staff such as:

  • Expansions of key points in training (e.g., how to take control of an irate customer situation)
  • Stories/illustrations of service situations for staff to evaluate
  • Skills tests for supervisors to apply to staff to ensure their knowledge
  • Role-playing to reinforce techniques
  • Facilitation guidelines for supervisors to use in getting staff to share issues and success stories.

Survey Design/Mgmt. Survey Design/Mgmt.
We use our Customer Discovery methodology to acquire valuable intelligence on the student base including their priorities, satisfaction levels, and likelihood to return. This helps with effective Student Relationship Development and retention efforts.

We link specific responses to individual students in our surveys, thereby allowing you to customize relationship development efforts and retention-driving actions to the individual student.

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