At-Risk Profiling

Predictive analysis of which clients you could soon lose – know who’s at-risk.

Do you want to know which of your current clients are most likely to leave?

Wouldn’t that help you to be more proactive in your retention efforts?

Instead of having to work so hard to retain all customers equally, wouldn’t it be much more efficient and effective to prioritize who to spend the most effort working to keep?

We hope your answers were yes, yes, and yes!
Using our At-risk Profiling methodology, CSS uses predictive modeling starting with regression analysis to determine which client-specific indicators had the highest correlation to non-retention. This creates a Profile of those factors/characteristics that indicate risk.

Based on those factors identified through the regression analysis as having the highest correlation to customer loss, CSS utilizes our proprietary predictive modeling processes to assess your current customers to prioritize them by their risk of loss.

We then devise a Targeted Retention Plan for just those customers. The Targeted Retention Plan will be a combination of personalized messaging, personal contacts, and – if necessary – targeted offers directed at the at-risk customers.
  • Prioritized customer accounts based on regression analysis of historical drivers of non-retention.
  • Improved efficiency in retention efforts.
  • More product account representatives.
  • Reduced customer turnover.
  • Increased sales.