Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Knowing your customers as individuals, not merely as a number.

CSS, a customer perceptions research firm, uses its Customer Discovery methodology to acquire valuable intelligence on the customer base including their priorities, satisfaction levels, and basic demographics necessary for effective Customer Relationship Development.

We link specific responses to specific customers in our customer service surveys, thereby allowing you to customize relationship development efforts and actions to the individual customer.
CSS prefers to also obtain operational and demographic data from our client on its customers to use in the analysis.

This enables CSS to further evaluate the customer service survey results and determine any consistent reasons for satisfaction concerns, characteristics of more satisfied customers, and identification of customers more likely to be at-risk of loss.
Information obtained from these surveys is used to assess customer satisfaction levels with the client business, set a baseline for ongoing satisfaction measures, and identify opportunities for improvement.

CSS aggregates and analyzes all results to identify at-risk customers, create recommendations for increasing retention, and offer suggestions for internal performance improvement.

This is a scientific, 1-on-1 research approach for learning from your customers and retaining/growing your business.
Ed Gagnon and his team have been handling all of our research needs for about 10 years and the quality of the service we have received has been outstanding. Our company has grown dramatically and CSS have been with us every step of the way. In our Canadian office we operate in both English and French and handling our French business was just another challenge that was handled flawlessly by the CSS team. I would recommend CSS to any company, large or small, if they need a business partner to help them make the right, ‘fact based’ business decisions.”

Larry Bleau, President
NRS Media (Canada)