Touch Point Planning

I’m a big believer in the year round communication. Our renewal rate is up over 15% from this point last year, so our efforts are starting to pay off.
You don’t want your client relationship to go stale, for them to forget about you or believe you don’t care about them.

To best develop relationships with and retain your customers, you need to touch them with communications, proactively, on an ongoing basis.
Customer touches are part of the CSS Client Relationship Development (CRD) Methodology. CSS develops a sophisticated tracking system for managers to use to set Touch Point goals for staff (what touches, how many, for which types of clients, and when they should occur throughout the year).

The system is then given to the Sales/Service representatives or account managers to use in their Touch Point scheduling and to document actual v. planned touches.
  • As a complement to the Touch Point System, CSS also creates draft templates for the account representatives to use in making the touches with their account holders.
  • Our goal is to give the staff a starting point and structure (subject, greeting, body, closing, footer) for how to efficiently make personalized touches by starting with a standard template. They should have access to these and other templates to help expedite their touches.