Client Exit Interviews

Knowing why they left…and generating GREAT sales leads!

CSS conducts telephone and web-based exit surveys with your former customers.

These customer surveys are conducted in the form of an Exit Interview, asking former customers for their reason for leaving the client and their likelihood to consider leaving their current competitive relationship within the next 12 months.

These exit surveys look to identify the core exit reasons, decision-making considerations, and any actions which could have been undertaken to improve retention likelihood.
CSS provides a detailed analysis of the completed Exit Interviews including:

  • Stratifications of data based on demographics, geographic location, sales volume, industry type, length of time as a customer, etc.
  • A profile of the characteristics of customer accounts that left your business including exit reasons.
  • Recommendations for improvements in internal performance to address issues that led to customer loss.
  • Sales leads – a person-by-person listing of former customers interested in possibly developing a relationship again with your business.
  • CSS conducts these surveys over the phone and/or via the web, and our response rates average over 40%.
  • This cost-effective research helps to improve client retention and generate new sales leads (equal to over 70% on average for completed exit surveys).