Training Reinforcement Program

Don’t Lose Momentum – Refresh on Key Customer Service Principles

Have you ever been in an organization that delivered some customer service training that went great…and then was never discussed again?

The CSS Training Reinforcement Program supplies you with a year-long set of new exercises and insights to reinforce the key customer service training techniques, tips, and plans over a 12 month period.

That way, the training lives on, the momentum continues, and the improvement never stops!
Most clients prefer that the CSS Training Reinforcement Program focus on the key points delivered in the training and needing to be kept top-of-mind with supervisors and staff.

CSS works with the client to identify typically 12 key components of the training to reinforce throughout the year. These could include principles on body language, techniques to defuse the irate customer, or even principles relating to conveying empathy to the customer.

We first plan the program with the client’s input, and then we custom-develop the exercises and insights to meet their needs.
Is 10-15 minutes per month of supervisor and staff time worth keeping principles of Service Excellence Top-of-Mind? If so, this program delivers.

We realize that the time of supervisors and staff are important, so for many clients, we custom-design and deliver 12 monthly Training Reinforcement Exercises via e-mail. The Exercises can typically be delivered by a Supervisor to his/her staff in 10-15 minutes.

Each monthly install of the Program includes one page of Supervisory instructions as well as one page of the exercise and insights to be shared and facilitated by the supervisor. Oftentimes, we also include a third page with potential answers and other queues for the supervisor to use in delivering the program.

Have CSS create a custom Training Reinforcement Program for your organization to create a continuous focus on Service Excellence!