Root Cause Analysis Training

Find out what’s really creating the problems…

CSS provides onsite Process Redesign training to help management and staff go from problem identification to permanent elimination of problems within their own areas.

This root cause analysis training has similarities to Six Sigma training, but CSS has created a simplified and streamlined Customer-Focused Process Redesign Methodology to facilitate the learning and application of these key process improvement principles.
This process redesign training gets at the root cause of issues in a 7-step methodology for eliminating the true cause of problems and redesigning processes to eliminate the risk of errors and to reduce wastes.

Participants are exposed to Continuous Improvement Tools to aid their understanding of how to best approach business problems, analyze issues, and develop and deliver results.
  • Benefits will be seen in customer satisfaction, quality, and financial performance by individual departments taking a customer-focused approach to identifying problems and improving processes to eliminate their root causes.
  • Participants acquire the ability to identify the true causes of problems prior to determining a remedy.
  • They also acquire the ability to focus on analytical and creative thinking with a firm understanding of where, when, and how to access the tools and methodologies that help to improve processes.