Service Leadership Training

Get them to follow you…

Service Leadership Training describes how to lead a service-oriented organization.

Based on the CSS Service Culture Model, you will learn a comprehensive approach to changing a culture, and you’ll know specifically what behaviors you can exhibit to foster the culture you want…and to get others to follow.
Through CSS’ highly customized Service Leadership Training Program, participants receive:

  • An understanding of the specific business opportunity resulting from improved customer service, responsiveness, and alignment of actions toward a common vision.
  • Guidance on the role of the leader in making or breaking the customer focus as illustrated through CSS’ 35 Service Leadership behaviors.
  • Data that shows the impact of customer satisfaction on the business and information on why learning solid service techniques is important to the individual.
  • Specific strategies to undertake to get staff more customer-oriented and to get the organization moving in the same direction.
The successful implementation of the principles, tools, and techniques from this leadership seminar should result in:

  • A better understanding of how to create/sustain a culture change, moving everyone toward the same vision.
  • More consistently high levels of service across the organization.
  • Improved reputation for providing excellent service in a customer-friendly manner.
  • Reduced customer complaints and conflicts.