Vision/Values Development

Identifying your direction and your dynamics.

When an organization has a Vision Statement, it uses that statement to identify the direction it wants to go, or where it wants to be down the road, what it wants to achieve, or what it wants to become in the future.

CSS can guide your organization through a quick, inclusive, and positive process to create a Vision Statement. And that Vision offers a common, positive focus for the organization in a way that progresses toward an important future. Often, clients need a dual-oriented Vision, with an external piece addressing what it wants to become to its customers or community, and an internal piece to address what it wants to become to its people.
Values can be defined at the key words/descriptors that convey the qualities of individuals, relationships, and communications that the organization desires. The Values help the organization to live its Mission daily and to move toward its Vision.

CSS helps your organization uncover the key principles that all management and staff will live, guiding how employees relate to and treat each other, their work, and their customers.
  • A process that enables quick definition of organizational direction.
  • Heavy management and staff involvement and buy-in.
  • Ability to align organizational structures, systems, processes, people toward a common goal.
  • Creation of a “litmus test,” where the organization can make decisions based on whether the proposed action will help achieve the Vision.
  • A common understanding of how employees should relate to each other and their customers, based on the Core Values.
  • Stronger capability to get everyone on the same page, going in the same direction – because the direction is defined.