Consultative Mystery Shopping Services

Mystery Shopping Services – Painting a picture of your customer’s true experience.

As a mystery shopping research company, CSS can paint a picture of a customer’s typical experience with your organization.

The CSS Consultative Mystery Shopping Program uses a combination of subjective tools and objective evaluation forms to secretly shop your organization and assess the customer experience relating to staff attitudes, service delivery processes, and the facility layout and signage.

Many of our experienced mystery shoppers have conducted literally hundreds of shop evaluations, providing insightful and detailed analyses. While we’re based in Charlotte, NC, we’ve shopped throughout North Carolina and South Carolina and have also conducted mystery shops for clients throughout much of the country.
CSS has conducted shops in the Charlotte, NC region, but also nationwide using our experienced mystery shop consultants in such evaluation methods as:

  • Web Mystery Shops – Review your website for ease of navigation, system speed, usefulness and completeness of information provided.
  • Telephone Mystery Shops – Test your phone system ease of navigation, employee knowledge-base, and customer service skills.
  • Onsite Mystery Shops – Make inquiries to test internal processes, associated wait times, and employee knowledge and customer service skills.
  • E-mail Mystery Shops – Evaluate timeliness of e-mail responses (if staff respond at all), the personalized nature of the responses, and the quality of responses to our secret shop inquiries.
Whether we’ve helped clients in Cleveland, Charlotte, Orlando, or Houston, the benefits are often very similar:

  • Our Mystery Shopping clients gain a snapshot of the consistency level and effectiveness of service provided across multiple locations and among various staff.
  • We provide detailed shop write-ups of service experiences (not just checklists and scores) – we truly document, analyze, and evaluate.
  • Clients see increased revenue from selling opportunities missed by the client employees during our mystery shops.
  • Our shop consultants identify ways to increase customer retention and satisfaction.
  • The secret shoppers assess current service levels.
  • CSS and our mystery shoppers determine opportunities for improving the ease and effectiveness of communications with and service to customers.
  • Through our mystery shopping services, we can also provide Competitor Research for you to best understand how you compare to others.

Interested in Becoming a CSS Mystery Shopper?

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