Strategic Planning

Defining what MUST be done to achieve the Vision.

An organization’s Vision Statement describes a long-term direction for the organization and/or goal to achieve.

But how do you get there?

You need to map out the key Areas of Focus which your organization needs to address to get to that Vision. You need to plan for how your organization is going to make decisions and more toward that Vision.

You need effective customer service strategies.
Through CSS’ Strategic Planning Services, we help your organization to define the Strategic Imperatives – what your organization “Must Do” to achieve that Vision.

These key Areas of Focus define what people, process, system, communications, marketing, and financial objectives must be met to achieve the Vision. They help to set the framework from which each year’s Top Priority Goals are set. They help to define the key actions that must be undertaken to achieve the Vision.
  • An efficient process that makes the best use of personnel time.
  • Strong buy-in by management and staff.
  • Alignment of detailed operations to organizational goals and the ultimate Vision.
  • A more efficient and focused organization, where decision-making is impacted by the question “Will this help us to achieve our Vision?”
  • Fluid and comprehensive set of communications about the Planning Progress and process outcomes.