Focus Groups

Digging deep into the real issues; focusing on solutions.

CSS conducts Employee and Customer Focus Groups for its clients in many industries. The goals are typically to understand in a deeper, more personal and specific manner those issues or opportunities that exist within the organization for staff or outside the organization for customers.

Our Charlotte, NC-based firm has designed and facilitated Focus Groups in the Charlotte region and several other areas of the Southeast as well.
CSS facilitates Focus Groups of customers to understand the true Voice of the Customer regarding organizational people, processes, products, programs, and systems. CSS also strives to dig deep on specific areas of concerns for today or needs/goals for tomorrow.

We facilitate Focus Groups of employees to best understand their perspective on cultural, operational, and organizational issues, needs, and goals. The concept is to create a dialogue among employees about what’s working, what’s not, and what solutions may work best.
For organizations with large customer bases, CSS can recruit participants from client databases and conduct a confirmation process to ensure the right customer types and number of participants are included.

This eliminates the hassle of recruitment for the client while ensuring that the results of the Focus Groups are based on a representative sampling of its customers.
Along with providing summaries of the Focus Groups, Conclusions, and Recommendations, we offer the option of recording and transcribing the Focus Group detail for our clients. This way, the client can see a detailed summary of the conversations that occurred, examples provided, and stories that were shared.

This provides a first-hand narrative of the real experiences and desires of your customers. You can begin to truly see your company through the customer’s eyes.