Customer Service Standards

Setting employee expectations for their performance…and changing behaviors.

Customer Service Standards are those qualities of behavior and performance that describe the core expectations of how staff should treat each other and treat the customer.

The Standards set expectations of all staff in terms of how they should act, and they set a standard of consistency which customers notice.

CSS helps to create client-specific customer service standards.
We then provide support as needed in evaluation of reward/recognition and incentive plans relating to organizational Customer Service Standards as well as other considerations affecting successful use of standards by staff.

CSS offers guidance and other support on potential incentives, rewards/recognition that could positively impact behavior and adherence to standards, as well as other general needs relating to the measurement of and adherence to the standards.
In the end, the client can define customer service expectations, motivate staff to adhere to the expected high performance level, and hold staff accountable for their behaviors.

CSS helps you go from setting staff expectations to changing behaviors to achieving results.