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Making patient care about caring for the patient…as a person

Service Excellence Training Service Excellence Training
Through our customized Service Excellence training, our clients have received more consistently high levels of service across the organization, improved patient satisfaction, improved reputation for providing service in a customer-friendly manner, reduced patient complaints and conflicts, and improved employee satisfaction, customer service competency, and attitude.

CSS Service Excellence training helps staff become more comfortable and confident in interacting with patients, family members, and even internal customers.

They learn how to diffuse situations, reduce patient anxiety, build patient confidence, and impart a sense that they truly care.

Culture Assessment Culture Assessment
We evaluate the organization’s culture, including its vision, structures, incentives, communications, employee climate, & training via:

  • Comparative Culture Assessment – Comparing service mindset horizontally and vertically
  • Evaluation of Corporate and Individual Goals and Incentives – Ensuring alignment and driving desired behaviors
  • Service and Communications Process Review – Assessing communications and service processes to identify areas for improvement
  • Performance Metrics Evaluation – Analyzing patient/employee/physician data v. other performance metrics to learn key satisfaction drivers.

The goal is to get everyone on the same page, moving in the same direction toward a culture of customer care.

Patient Sat Action Planning Patient Sat Action Planning
CSS analyzes your patient satisfaction results, creates Executive Briefings, and facilitates management Action Planning meetings targeting the following goals:

  • Improve Patient Satisfaction Performance
  • Identify Key Areas of Focus – which attributes are trending down or not meeting standards
  • Focus on Positives to recognize areas performing especially well
  • Create Action Plans to be more intentional in quarter-to-quarter improvement efforts
  • Conduct Internal Benchmarking to identify top performers and best practices
  • Find the Root Cause of recurrent issues/negative trends
  • Identify Satisfaction Drivers, those attributes with the biggest impact on patient satisfaction.

Complementing patient care with customer care.    
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Medical Mystery Shopping Medical Mystery Shopping
CSS can paint a picture of a patient’s typical experience with your organization through our Mystery Shopping Services.

We custom-design tools, even incorporating HCAHPS, ED-CAHPS, and other attributes to add insight into your patient surveys. We use a combination of subjective tools and rating-based attributes to assess the patient experience relating to staff attitudes, service delivery processes, and the facility layout and signage. Among other benefits, the Shop engagements provide:

  • Real-time, Detailed Analysis of Actual Experiences
  • Broad assessment of Attitudes/Skills/Knowledge, Service Processes, and Facility Navigation
  • The “First-time Patient” Perspective.

Focus Group Facilitation Focus Group Facilitation
CSS can obtain participants, design the Focus Group approach and questions, and facilitate the groups – providing analysis and detailed patient commentary. The Focus Groups:

  • Enable a Broad assessment of Attitudes/Skills/Knowledge, Service Processes, and Facility Navigation
  • Provide More In-Depth Responses on Key Topics from Actual Experiences
  • Allow for Redirected Topics (both noting unexpected Best Practices and Issues)
  • Create an Understanding of Preferences and Opinion Drivers, not just Evaluation of Experience
  • Gain Variety of Perspectives based on Specific Clinical/Personal Situations
  • Often Include Repeat Patients with Multiple Experiences.

Pat./Emp./Phys. Surveys Pat./Emp./Phys. Surveys
CSS can custom-design and deliver satisfaction survey services for your organization. Along with customizing standard CAHPS surveys through our business partnership with Bivarus (formerly The Jackson Group), we can also provide analysis, and performance improvement recommendations. We have telephone and web-based survey capabilities as well as in-facility survey capabilities.

Complementing these more typical survey research services are our capabilities to create and administer “internal customer” surveys, where departments in the facility (such as Human Resources, Finance, and Materials Management) get evaluated through surveys as suppliers to their internal customer departments.

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