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"Retention is different than

Sales and Marketing...

it's about you and me...

it's 1-on-1...

for the long-term."

CSS Sports Services

CSS insight, strategies, & training in customer service and fan retention…have helped MLS and its clubs improve

Touch Point Planning Touch Point Planning
CSS facilitates customized workshops to develop a Touch Point Plan that targets a series of proactive touches over a 12-month period that nurtures relationships, builds intelligence on the client, increases retention, and drives additional revenue.

If requested, CSS can also work with the client to create a sophisticated tracking system for managers used to set and manage Touch Point goals for staff (what touches, how many, for which types of clients, and when they should occur throughout the year).

Fan Retention Assessment Fan Retention Assessment
We quickly assess how effectively you acquire and use your customer data to develop relationships with clients, renew them, and grow sales with them.

Our combination of management and staff interviews, review of corporate documentation, analysis of databases/systems, and evaluation of retention and sales performance over time enables us to evaluate current performance and map out a detailed plan for systematically improving retention and sales.

Fan Relations Training Fan Relations Training
Train your account representatives on true customer relationship management – where they efficiently and personally develop relationships with their client base in this retention-driving workshop.

Along with Service Excellence techniques, the training also addresses how to cross-sell and up-sell fans once strong relationships have been developed. Staff learn the Fan Relationship Development Model – which offers client retention and growth strategies and tactics in a comprehensive and systematic way. 

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Client Exit Interviews Client Exit Interviews
CSS conducts surveys (phone and web) with your former account holders. We ask former clients their reason for leaving and their likelihood to consider returning, thereby generating sales leads typically from 70%+ of former STHs.

The results enable CSS to identify current STHs at-risk of non-renewal based on former STH exit reasons. Our proprietary methodology helps to garner a high response rate, STH-specific results, and a plan for improving renewals.

Fan Experience Research Fan Experience Research
CSS uses its Customer Discovery methodology to acquire valuable intelligence on the fan base including their priorities, satisfaction levels, and basic demographics necessary for effective Fan Retention & Growth.

We link specific responses to specific accounts in our surveys, thereby allowing you to customize relationship development efforts and actions to the individual account holder.

At-Risk Profiling At-Risk Profiling
CSS uses Predictive Modeling starting with regression analysis to determine which client-specific indicators had the highest correlation to non-retention. This creates a Profile of those factors/characteristics that indicate risk.

We then devise a Targeted Retention Plan for just those STHs. The Targeted Retention Plan is a combination of personalized messaging, personal contacts, and targeted offers directed at the at-risk fans.

Other CSS Sports Services

  • Mystery Shopping – In-game
  • Mystery Shopping – Telephone, E-mail, Web
  • STH Focus Groups
  • STH Surveys – Design/Delivery/Analysis

and more…

  • Account Representative Personalized Portfolio Management Consulting
  • Season Ticket Services Organizational Assessment
  • Service Excellence Training – Outside Partners
  • Service Excellence Training – All Staff/Leadership

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