Our Mission is to help others…

Our Mission Statement is simply “To Help Others.”

We were founded in North Carolina in 1998 and stay committed today to helping you:
  • Understand the financial value of a customer.
  • Track the quality and effectiveness of meeting or exceeding that customer’s expectations.
  • Gain and retain more customers through the proper design and implementation of your service systems.

The end result is a motivated and supportive customer base, decreased expenditures to attract new customers, and a better bottom line.

Our goal is to have a long-term relationship with our clients, partnering with them to meet their core customer service needs. This could include Strategy Development on how to change a culture and get everyone on the same page, or how to develop relationships with and retain clients.

Our Operations Consulting helps you to design and improve the processes you use to serve your customers, making you more efficient, productive, and standardized to a higher level of performance.

Our Research Services help you see your business through the customer’s eyes, prioritize retention efforts, and increase revenues.

And our Training Services enable you to equip leadership and staff with the key philosophies, principles, and skills to be successful.

No matter what we do for our clients, it all focuses on Customer Service.
You may wonder how we can do such varied and important activities. Our founder has 20+ years management consulting experience so we’re exceptionally efficient yet customized in our work, and we partner with some outstanding outside businesses and personnel on our research services in particular.

CSS has conducted hundreds of engagements resulting in the successful completion of thousands of mystery shops, several hundred surveys over the years, and several hundred training sessions facilitated.