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Mystery Shopping

Painting a picture of your customer’s true experience.

Mystery Shopping

Service Excellence

Core training for long-term success.

Service Excellence

Focus Groups

Digging deep into the real issues; focusing on solutions.

Focus Groups

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Customer Service Tip of the Week

CSS has conducted close to 1000 research projects over the years, many of which were web-based surveys. And oftentimes, in addition to or instead of completing the online survey, respondents e-mail us directly with questions or comments – and we respond personally to every message on behalf of our clients. Some of the comments are […]


Increase ticket renewals/revenue. Create a great Fan Experience. Train staff on Fan Relations and Service Excellence skills. Efficiently build relationships with Touch Point Plans.


Take a holistic approach to Student Success. Determine Students At-risk of non-completion. Mystery Shop the Student Experience. Train staff on Service Excellence.


Create a cohesive culture around a Common Vision. Train staff, gauge customer satisfaction, mystery shop your services, and eliminate the root causes of complaints.


Define the great patient experience. Action Plan for Continuous Improvement. Get everyone on the same page, going in the same direction. Train for an “Always” culture.



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