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CSS helped us achieve some of the highest customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction scores in the County. Our significant improvements would not have been possible without the leadership, guidance, and ongoing training from CSS

Service Excellence Training Service Excellence Training
Through our customized customer service training, clients provide more consistently high levels of service across the organization, improve customer satisfaction, improve their reputation for providing service in a customer-friendly manner, reduce customer conflicts, and improve employee satisfaction, customer service competency, and attitude.

CSS customer service training helps staff be more comfortable and confident in interacting with customers and better positioned to improve rapport and relationships.

Culture Assessment Culture Assessment
We ensure that you have the key components of a service culture well in place, identifying strengths and gaps in performance or services, and we then create a detailed plan for getting everyone in the organization on the same page, moving in the same direction.

Through this customer service consulting, we work to understand the organizational culture, structures, incentive systems, communications, and training to ensure you’re addressing all that can impact the organization’s performance.

Strategic Planning Strategic Planning
Through CSS’ Strategic Planning Services, we help your organization to define the Strategic Imperatives – what your organization “Must Do” to achieve that Vision.

These key Areas of Focus define what people, process, system, communications, marketing, and financial objectives must be met to achieve the Vision. They help to set the framework from which each year’s Top Priority Goals are set. They help to define the key actions that must be undertaken to achieve the Vision.

Developing a competitive mindset to drive customer service improvement.       
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Mystery Shopping Mystery Shopping
The CSS Consultative Mystery Shopping Program uses a combination of subjective tools and objective evaluation forms to assess the customer experience relating to staff attitudes, service delivery processes, and the facility layout and signage.

Many of our experienced shoppers have conducted literally hundreds of shops, providing insightful and detailed analyses. You receive a snapshot of the consistency level and effectiveness of service provided across multiple locations and among various staff. Through the detailed write-ups of service experiences, we truly document, analyze, and evaluate – so you can improve your service to your community.

Team Facilitation Team Facilitation
CSS consultants have facilitated client teams through multiple processes and methodologies – from Strategic Planning to Departmental Visioning to Root Cause Analysis.

We identify client goals, the team charter, timelines, and the appropriate size and composition of team membership. Then, we determine the best approach for working with the client within the timeframe desired.

It’s often beneficial to have an Executive Champion serving as needed to ensure any roadblocks to the process are addressed. For any team facilitated, CSS creates a concurrent Communications Plan that keeps all staff aware of progress throughout the process.

Process Improvement Process Improvement
Our experienced consultants can redesign work flow and information flow with methodologies that take into account the customer’s view of processes, to ensure that new process efficiencies for staff are also customer-friendly.

CSS can facilitate teams of employees through our Customer-Focused Process Redesign Methodology or come in as consultants to lead the redesign of faulty processes and services ourselves.

CSS can even work with staff using Kaizen, continuous improvement and idea generation techniques to get all staff involved with making their own, incremental improvements on a daily basis.

Other CSS Government Services

  • Plan Review/Permitting Process Assessment
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Client Satisfaction Design and Delivery
  • Relationship Management Structure Design

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