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What Annoys the Customer? - 9/19/23

Domino’s Pizza had TV commercials years ago where they promoted how they trained their employees to “Avoid the Noid.”  The “Noid” was basically an annoying person or thing that would disrupt the delivery driver, possibly making the driver drop the pizza on the way to your door.  The goal Read more

Lift It Up - 9/12/23

I worked with a great client for several years who was in a leadership role in the education industry, and she was the executive champion for a culture-strengthening initiative.  We were the outside firm helping to develop the overall strategy and facilitate the teams addressing the various aspects of Read more

Addressing the Horror Story that Wasn’t - 9/5/23

You may have seen the commercials for one of those garden hoses that fits in your pocket.  When you put it on the valve outside your home and turn on the water, it expands to 50 feet.  When you’re done and turn off the water, it contracts and fits Read more

Be There ALWAYS for the Customer - 8/29/23

In healthcare, the patient experience mantras often include the phrase Always, such as: We have an always culture.  This gets at frequency of action.  Instead of service excellence being a most-of-the-time occurrence, some-of-the-time occurrence, an occasional or rare occurrence, the idea in an Always Culture is that the organization Read more

Respect, Regardless of Rank - 8/22/23

I was reading a management book written by a former naval officer.  He was given a leadership role over a ship that had been underperforming and had low morale.  One thing he did to turn around the performance, to improve morale, was instill in everyone onboard the principle that Read more

Move on to the Next One - 8/15/23

The ultimate game in professional American football is the Super Bowl.  In this past year’s Super Bowl, James Bradberry of the Philadelphia Eagles was called for a penalty with less than two minutes to go in the game.  The penalty gave the other team a first down; the other Read more

How to Rise to the Occasion - 8/8/23

In the movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, Mr. Magorium – played by Dustin Hoffman – tells his protégé that “Your life is an occasion.  Rise to it.” He’s conveying a big picture life lesson – don’t let fear and apprehension keep you from living. Rising to the occasion is also something Read more

Thanks for Reading - 8/1/23

My company, Customer Service Solutions, Inc., just celebrated our 25th Anniversary!  We love the work we do for our clients, and we definitely love our clients.  We’ve developed many friendships over the years, and we’ve tried to provide consistently high quality and personal support for whatever may be their Read more

Share the Why to Value the Customer - 7/25/23

We encourage our clients to explain “The Why behind the What” to the customer.  Usually we suggest that staff explain Why so that the customer understands the reason for a change or can buy-in to a particular solution. However, explaining the Why is also effective when you’re doing some very Read more

Navigate their New Experience - 7/18/23

Everything is changing for customers.  How they buy products and services…how they get customer service…where they get information from, and who provides the information. So, confusion and frustration can ensue.  Let’s help customers navigate our new world, our new systems and processes.  It’s about Empathy and Expectations; it’s about Input Read more

New Season, New Season Ticket Holders

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Many of our clients have the greatest chance of LOSING customers if they are new customers. That’s especially true with our sports clients.

When a new season ticket holder (STH) arrives, they are excited, have expectations, have written the big check for the first time, and want a great experience.

With all of their expectations, all that emotion, and all those expenditures comes all that risk.

Part of how you keep these new clients is obviously to meet and exceed the expectations, provide more value than the expense, and feed that emotion positively.

But realistically, the other part of keeping those clients is to educate them on expectations you CAN meet, about their role in having a great experience, and about all you do that they don’t yet realize is available.

With new clients, be their educator.

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The Power of Thinking Big and Bigger – Steinbrenner and Welch

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With the recent passing of George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees, fresh on our minds, it’s beneficial and timely to take a look at a couple core philosophies and actions that he undertook which would apply to any business.

If you start by looking at the outcomes of what he did, you identify tremendous revenue streams and many World Championships won.

But there was a lot that happened before that revenue and those championships were won. There were many managers hired and fired. There are many players who played for him. There was the rejection by his hometown of Cleveland when he wanted to own the Indians. He was suspended by Major League Baseball. But in the end, he persevered; he changed as a person and as a leader. And throughout this time, he was willing to spend money to get the best and brightest. He was willing to create his own entertainment network to promote his main product – the Yankees. And while the grandiose scale and financial resources of Steinbrenner are hard for us to imagine having ourselves, that mindset is not so hard to imagine.

So imagine we own a business, and our business is a sports franchise. And whether we want to increase our season ticket holder base, retain more season ticket holders, increase fans’ passion, or create our own internal “Raving Fans” in the minds and hearts of our employees, we have to think big. We get very little success in life if we look for and think about and expect very little. But we have the greatest opportunities to achieve big things if we think bigger.

I remember a story of how Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, went into some of the GE businesses to talk to the leadership in those businesses, and he congratulated them on their high market share. The leaders were pleased with the praise, but they had plateaued in their growth because they had such huge market share, and the markets just weren’t growing.

So Welch told them to redefine what their market was so that they would only be a small player in this newly redefined market. And once they did, the innovation, the creativity, and the growth all started to happen again.

Look at what you’re trying to accomplish as an organization, then take a step back to think big. Maybe you can or can’ t accomplish every idea you come up with, but just by viewing the possibilities, you’ll uncover new ways to think and to act and to succeed.

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Don’t Hibernate on Your Customers

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Summer is the downtime for many sports – NBA, NFL, NHL, etc. But for the staff of those organizations, there is no downtime. This is a time to sell for the upcoming season, having completed renewals. But those organizations need to realize this is also the time to learn, to view their existing season ticket holders (STHs) as suppliers of the information needed to gain referrals, gain information on share partners, gain intelligence on the information needed to retain them in Spring 2011.

For sales to new STHs, this is the time to think renewal as well. At the initial sale, that’s the best time to know why they signed up for tickets, who are the share partners, what do they expect from the game day experience and their relationship with your organization, how do they prefer to communicate with you, and how/when do they expect to use their tickets.

There is no downtime in customer retention.

Don’t let retention efforts go into hibernation this summer.

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