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Keep in Mind 3 Key Questions - 11/22/22

Customers want to be heard.  If they have an issue or need or something that requires your support, they want to be understood. When we are trying to find a resolution or fulfill a need, when we’re trying to help a customer achieve their goal, sometimes we can be so Read more

Don’t Let This Shot Affect Your Next Shot - 11/15/22

When I was a teenager, I used to play a lot of golf, and I was pretty good for my age.  I’d have a good attitude and enjoyed the game, but if I hit a bad shot, I’d get upset.  And more often than not, that one bad shot Read more

Value the Customer – Actions to Adopt and Avoid - 11/8/22

When conducting research for a local government CSS client, we interviewed and conducted surveys with many of their customers.  We analyzed the results of the research based on those who had a great experience v. those who did not.  We uncovered that there were distinct differences between customers who Read more

Appreciate to Appreciate - 11/1/22

Why doesn’t Jay, my co-worker, respond to my e-mails or get his task done on time? It’s hard to respect the delay, the incomplete work, the lack of follow through on the part of your co-worker. Why does the customer seem so harried and so frustrated? It’s hard to value the customer Read more

The Customer Can Hear Your Attitude - 10/25/22

Sherry was sitting in the lobby, waiting to be called back for her appointment.  Just off the lobby was an office that Sherry was sitting near.  The person in the office was on a phone call, but Sherry couldn’t see the employee.  She could tell it was a call Read more

How to Handle the Customer’s Error - 10/18/22

Are all of your customers perfect?  Anyone?  Bueller? Of course, customers are not perfect.  Neither are we, but let’s focus this Tip on what they do wrong and what we can do about it in a professional, positive, and productive manner: When the customer isn’t clear, you respond: Is it OK Read more

Critique Yourself before Others Do - 10/11/22

When we’re criticized, we can get defensive, push back, deflect blame to others, and focus more on defending ourselves than really listening to what the other person is saying.  And some of us who get defensive, once we allow our emotions to settle, take time to reflect on what Read more

Find a Connection Point – Part 2: Situational Connection - 10/4/22

Last week we highlighted key topics to consider when you want to find Personal Connection Points with the customer.  Today, we’ll cover some key questions to ask to uncover information about today’s situation that you can use to establish a rapport with the customer.  This is Part 2 - Read more

Find a Connection Point – Part 1: Personal Connection - 9/27/22

Some people are born almost like a master at communication.  They know how to establish rapport with just about anybody, and they do so in a way that seems so natural and so real.  They can form relationships and be laughing with somebody they met two minutes ago like Read more

Be Proactive without being Pushy - 9/20/22

Delivering great customer service isn’t just about responding and reacting.  It’s also about being proactive.  Developing relationships involves reaching out first, not just extending our hand when somebody reaches out to us. But it’s all too clear that those of us who are in service roles prefer those roles to Read more

New Season, New Season Ticket Holders

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Many of our clients have the greatest chance of LOSING customers if they are new customers. That’s especially true with our sports clients.

When a new season ticket holder (STH) arrives, they are excited, have expectations, have written the big check for the first time, and want a great experience.

With all of their expectations, all that emotion, and all those expenditures comes all that risk.

Part of how you keep these new clients is obviously to meet and exceed the expectations, provide more value than the expense, and feed that emotion positively.

But realistically, the other part of keeping those clients is to educate them on expectations you CAN meet, about their role in having a great experience, and about all you do that they don’t yet realize is available.

With new clients, be their educator.

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The Power of Thinking Big and Bigger – Steinbrenner and Welch

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With the recent passing of George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees, fresh on our minds, it’s beneficial and timely to take a look at a couple core philosophies and actions that he undertook which would apply to any business.

If you start by looking at the outcomes of what he did, you identify tremendous revenue streams and many World Championships won.

But there was a lot that happened before that revenue and those championships were won. There were many managers hired and fired. There are many players who played for him. There was the rejection by his hometown of Cleveland when he wanted to own the Indians. He was suspended by Major League Baseball. But in the end, he persevered; he changed as a person and as a leader. And throughout this time, he was willing to spend money to get the best and brightest. He was willing to create his own entertainment network to promote his main product – the Yankees. And while the grandiose scale and financial resources of Steinbrenner are hard for us to imagine having ourselves, that mindset is not so hard to imagine.

So imagine we own a business, and our business is a sports franchise. And whether we want to increase our season ticket holder base, retain more season ticket holders, increase fans’ passion, or create our own internal “Raving Fans” in the minds and hearts of our employees, we have to think big. We get very little success in life if we look for and think about and expect very little. But we have the greatest opportunities to achieve big things if we think bigger.

I remember a story of how Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, went into some of the GE businesses to talk to the leadership in those businesses, and he congratulated them on their high market share. The leaders were pleased with the praise, but they had plateaued in their growth because they had such huge market share, and the markets just weren’t growing.

So Welch told them to redefine what their market was so that they would only be a small player in this newly redefined market. And once they did, the innovation, the creativity, and the growth all started to happen again.

Look at what you’re trying to accomplish as an organization, then take a step back to think big. Maybe you can or can’ t accomplish every idea you come up with, but just by viewing the possibilities, you’ll uncover new ways to think and to act and to succeed.

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Don’t Hibernate on Your Customers

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Summer is the downtime for many sports – NBA, NFL, NHL, etc. But for the staff of those organizations, there is no downtime. This is a time to sell for the upcoming season, having completed renewals. But those organizations need to realize this is also the time to learn, to view their existing season ticket holders (STHs) as suppliers of the information needed to gain referrals, gain information on share partners, gain intelligence on the information needed to retain them in Spring 2011.

For sales to new STHs, this is the time to think renewal as well. At the initial sale, that’s the best time to know why they signed up for tickets, who are the share partners, what do they expect from the game day experience and their relationship with your organization, how do they prefer to communicate with you, and how/when do they expect to use their tickets.

There is no downtime in customer retention.

Don’t let retention efforts go into hibernation this summer.

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