2015 Holiday Poem – 12/22/15 TOW

Run to the store
Quickly surf the net
Wrap up that report
And you’re not done yet.

Cancel a few meetings
Get the top jobs done
Simply making it through the day
Is the new definition of “won.”

It’s hectic and busy
As the year closes fast
It’s running at home and at work
Hoping nothing falls through the cracks.

At some point we should stop
And breathe in nature’s air
Slowly look all around us
At things for which we care.

Focus on what has import
In the grand scheme of things
And your mind won’t focus
On the tasks that work brings.

You’ll start to see people
You’ll focus on eyes and ears
You’ll seek to share smiles
As we close out the year.

You’ll look into others’ hearts
And know that there’s good
You’ll appreciate the little things
More than you thought that you could.

And by resetting the focus
On the most important
The other things become noise
We can more easily tune out.

It will give us energy as well
To direct toward good
And maybe, just maybe
Allow yourself to relax more than you thought that you should.

Allow yourself to relax – take care of yourself. It will make it easier to take care of others in 2016.

Happy Holidays!!

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