2021 Holiday Poem – 12/21/21

Breathe and rest and relax and rejuvenate.

Close the eyes, and fill the lungs.

Take a break, and be with friends.

This is a time to begin.

Renaissance is called a rebirth.

Birth can bring new life.

Life gives opportunity for living.

Living gives opportunity for joy.

We have so many outside factors,

So many things that tug at our hearts,

So many things that take up our time,

So many things that occupy our minds.

But living gives an opportunity for joy.

Being with other people gives opportunity for laughter.

Serving others gives opportunity for relationships.

Being part of a team gives opportunity for community.

So let’s view the end of this year as the time of beginning.

Let’s view it as a rebirth, an opportunity for joy.

Let’s understand the outside factors,

But let’s not let them control the hearts and the time and the mind.

Let’s move together and keep it positive.

Let’s move together with the hope we would

Bring our best attitudes and good intentions

That we can move together toward something good.

Wishing you a great end to 2021 and an even better beginning to 2022!

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