2022 Holiday Poem – 12/20/22

The year is winding down. The work is still up front.

We’re making that transition to close out the 12th month.

We’re trying to find a balance between personal life and work.

Trying to be kind to people even if they’re acting like a jerk.

It’s taking all of our patience and our focus and our time,

Just to complete the work year before the holidays arrive.



So, as you rush toward the transition,

As you wrap up and go ahead,

Be appreciative of your own activities,

Of the initiatives you’ve led.



You accomplished a lot over the year.

You served customers and helped your peers.

You responded to a million e-mails and calls.

Throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall.



You resolved many issues, and you bit your tongue a time or two

When you really wanted to say something, but knew it wouldn’t be prudent to do.

You took some action when no one else would,

And you went above and beyond when you knew you should.



So, allow one more thanks before this year ends,

And make it a sincere thanks that you send.

But give this one to someone special who

Deserves a pat on the back…and that is you.


Thanks for all you do for others, and best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season!

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