A Startup’s Reason to Love Customer Service

I have to blog about this – a startup expert promoting the need for customer service – WOW!

Many startup entrepreneurs are so in love with their product or with selling that they don’t make delivering great customer service or “WOWing” the customer a high priority. But in the article Why Startups Should Prioritize Customer Service, there are a couple classic quotes that promote a startup’s focus on customer service:

  • “I have never once seen a start-up lured down a blind alley by trying too hard to make their initial users happy.”
  • “Customer service is not just a mechanism for ensuring customer satisfaction; we rely on it to help develop the vision and set the roadmap for the future of our business.”

I like the second quote because I can relate to it. When my company (Customer Service Solutions, Inc.) was started 15 years ago, we had a core list of industries and products that we thought would be our fuel for the future. But over the years we’ve allowed our customers to determine our industries and products by asking, listening, and watching where our services were in greatest demand and had the greatest impact.

If you’re looking for a reason to love customer service, love it because you can’t love your customer without loving serving them. If you truly love your customer, then your company (the people, processes, products, and services) are about them.

Act like a startup that prioritizes customer service; sometimes let your customers take the lead.

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