Be GREAT? Just try Beating Competitors First…

So many organizations desire to be “Great” or “Phenomenal” or…ugh…“World Class” at customer service. I even wrote a book on how an individual can become GREAT at customer service.

But when you’re a business, not an individual, avoid the talk of “Great” or “Phenomenal” or “World Class,” and try something different.

Simply try to beat your competitors’ customer service.

Why is Chick-fil-A noted as a company GREAT at customer service? Sure they’re really good, but look at their competition. It’s not that Chick-fil-A is perfect; it’s more that they are SO MUCH BETTER than their competition that they get recognized for customer service.

Why are credit unions loved for customer service? They’re generally more personal in their service, but the typical customer experience at a credit union doesn’t make you go “Wow!” Credit unions are perceived to have a customer service advantage in large part because banks are comparatively so poor in customer service.

Why do Harris Teeter and Publix get a lot of accolades for customer service? They’re good, but so much of what makes them look good is the fact that much of their competition is so bad.

If you’re in a business that wants to have a reputation for great customer service, don’t feel like you have to rise to Disney or Nordstrom levels of customer service. Just look at your competitors and evaluate their customer service. Mystery shop your competitors. See what they do right and wrong.

And determine how to create a customer experience that is SO MUCH BETTER than competitors that your company will be talked about in the same breath as other great customer service organizations!

Be GREAT? Just try beating your competitors first.

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