Become the Wishing Well – 1/7/20

When you don’t know if the next step will solve the customer’s problem, give hope a chance.  If you’re not certain how things will progress on their project, give hope a chance.  If you want to end the conversation by having them feel positive, even if uncertain, give hope a chance.

We talk so often in customer service about managing expectations, about under promising and overdelivering.  But that “under promising” doesn’t mean we have to focus on worst-case scenarios.  It doesn’t mean that uncertainty about the future requires that we convey our messages in a negative way.

Be positive.  Be hopeful.  Convey we want what’s best for the customer even in times of uncertainty.  Wish them well even in those times of the unknown.  Give hope a chance.  Wish customers or co-workers well on a projectHope the project ends well.  I hope the efforts are successful.  I hope the plans work as designed.

Wish them well on trying to get a solutionI hope this helps you find a solution.  I hope the issue gets resolved quickly for you.

Wish them well for their dayI hope you have a great day!  I hope your week goes really well.  I hope you enjoy your afternoon.

Sometimes your conversations ends when there’s no final resolution, no completion – only a plan and a next step.  In those times, convey that you hope for a positive outcome or a positive experience for your customer. 

Share that you want what’s best for the customer.  Convey hope.  Become the wishing well.

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