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You wouldn’t normally look for customer service articles in a construction magazine, but that’s exactly what we found in The article talks about two companies which are revamping their customer service training – for technical staff. This is training targeting engineers, automotive/trucking fleet service technicians, and other staff working on automobiles.

The companies realize that technical training on a trade only addresses part of the employee’s job. If the employee has to interact with customers, they need to have training on how to effectively communicate and serve as well.

This training is done for two reasons according to execs – raise standards and improve customer retention.

So this is an automotive/trucking company investing in training for engineers and mechanics to improve communications, satisfaction, performance, and customer retention. So it’s being done for the dollars, which is absolutely fine.

Training on customer service techniques should not be done out of some feeling of altruism. It should be done because it impacts the customer’s opinions, buying patterns, and referral patterns. In other words, it impacts a company’s bottom line.

The next time you think about how to improve the bottom line, ask yourself “How can I make ALL my staff more effective in front of the customer?”

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