Grow Your Slice of the Pie

Shareholders like earnings. People like pizza. So how do you get better earnings in a pizza firm?

According to Domino’s Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle in this article on, it’s about “retention and customer satisfaction.” The company’s 4th quarter net income rose to $30.9 million. He also addressed how social media has allowed more 1-to-1 communications with customers.

Not every business lives and breathes customer retention, and much of that is because those that don’t live and breathe customer retention instead live for the new conquest, the new sale, the new client. It doesn’t have to be an either/or thing – retention v. the new sale – but it’s something businesses need to debate. And the debate needs to start with this one question – how much of next year’s revenue will (or should) come from this year’s customers?

Any understanding of the importance of customer retention starts with an intentional determination of the financial impact of retention. So how much of a slice of the revenue pie comes from past customers? How can you increase that slice? What’s your retention target? What drives their loyalty? How can you grow relationships with them? And when they leave, how do you find opportunities to get them back?

Answer these questions to grow your slice of the pie.

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