Keep Your Prized Possession

Is it the autographed picture of your favorite athlete? Is it your mother’s diary she kept as a child? Maybe it’s your vintage ’54 convertible, or it’s your figurine you got from your trip to Japan. It could be your golf clubs. It could be a drawing from a child. Maybe it’s the grandfather clock your grandfather made. What is your prized possession?

Take a minute to think of it.

Now ask yourself a few questions:

· What makes it important?

· How do you take care of it?

· Is it something you want to keep for the long-term?

· How do you benefit from taking care of it for the long-term?

Once you’ve determined the answers to these questions, now ask yourself these questions again. But this time, replace the word “it”, the prized possession, with “your customer and their satisfaction.”

Are the answers the same or different? Try to apply the answers from your “prized possession” to your customer and their satisfaction.

We can learn a great deal about how to view and treat customers if we view them and their satisfaction as a prized possession.

Take a moment to think about your prized possessions, then take that emphasis and caring attitude you have toward your prized possessions and see what a difference that can make in your service to your customers.

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