Lessons from the NFL Draft

With the National Football League (NFL) draft coming up this weekend, the teams will select 255 players to possibly join their organizations. In the past, teams used to select the best pure football player available. But that was long ago.

Today, NFL teams go beyond the “best pure football player available” when determining their selection. They look to fill a need. What individual fills in what skill gap? Who may take some time to develop but is a good long-term prospect?

NFL teams also evaluate players’ personalities and backgrounds much more than they once did. Background checks are performed. Psychological evaluations are administered. Interviews are conducted. In the end, the goal is to find somebody who wants to work hard, who wants to get better, who has integrity, and who will be a good teammate to others.

What do you want from your employees? Aren’t many of the qualities the same? If so, are you going through the same rigorous evaluation process as the NFL teams? Consider it. Know that a good employee can make a manager’s job easy, and a poor employee or one with a bad attitude and work ethic can create issues that take your focus off the customer.

Evaluate your hiring processes to ensure the right fit with your team, the right attitude, the right work ethic.

Do whatever it takes to draft the right player.

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