Rude Salespeople and Phone “Heck”…a Bad Combination

What is your customer service pet peeve? Is it phone trees with no end? Is it providing the same information three times to the same company prior to completing a purchase or making an application? Maybe it’s the contrast of the great attention you receive when the company tries to get you as a customer followed by the inability to get support once you’ve actually signed that contract for service.

Based on a recent Consumer Reports study, the two biggies are “not being able to get a person on the phone, followed by rude salespeople.

But the most interesting statistic in the study noted how 64% of Americans have walked out of the store because of poor customer service. Great customer service is not a nice-to-have. Customer service is not a “cost center.”

Customer service is a bottom-line impacting part of any smart business. We believe that customers form their opinions about three aspects of any business, the attitudes of the employees, the processes that they experience in working with the business, and the product or service itself. Attitude and Process are customer service. Attitude and Process drive satisfaction of many customers. And this study shows that poor Attitudes and Processes can cause 64% of customers to leave.

What are your employees’ attitudes like? Are they caring, concerned, positive, and proactive?

What are your processes like? Are they simple, self-evident, efficient, and effective?

Don’t drive your customers away. Make sure your Attitudes and Processes convey to the customer that they are an important asset to your business.


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