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Change on the Fly - 5/30/23

Situational service requires some advanced engagement skills.  It involves seeing each situation independent of any others, reading the moment, and changing on the fly to create the best possible customer experience and outcomes.  So, what are some keys to situational service?  Keep these guiding principles in mind: Start Open-minded: When Read more

Try an Empathy Exercise - 5/23/23

We often note that empathy is the most important quality to have in order to be great at customer service.  Empathy enables you to view people uniquely.  It helps the customer not to feel like just a number.  And the more we can view people as individuals, the better Read more

Time is of the Essence - 5/16/23

Time is precious.  There’s no time like the present.  Your time is valuable.  Timing is everything.  Children spell “love,” T-I-M-E. There are many great quotes that reference time.  And part of the reason is that time can be considered somewhat finite; at least within the day, it’s a limited resource.  Read more

Perpetuate Positivity with the Customer - 5/9/23

We’ve written many Tips on how to deal with various negative customer emotions.  Those emotions could reflect anger, fear of the unknown, upset, anxiety, or nervousness.  But instead of talking today about how to deal with their negative emotions, let’s talk about how to engender some positive emotions. We want Read more

Are You in a Position? - 5/2/23

Last week’s Tip compared Perspectives and Positions, and we noted that when people have a perspective on a given topic or issue, that’s often useful.  However, when people are more focused on their position, things can get testy. One topic we didn’t fully address last week was the definition of Read more

De-escalating Conflict in Customer Service - 4/25/23

Conflict can be very healthy and productive.  You and your customer are taking different perspectives, but if you have the same goal and you focus on what you’re trying to accomplish, the different perspectives may lead to an interesting approach or a mutually-beneficial solution. If the decision was up to Read more

Why a Home Run Swing Whiffs - 4/18/23

ACME Tree Service showed up at Nancy’s house to provide an estimate for trimming some trees.  The sales consultant looked at the trees and their proximity to the house, and he quickly wrote up a bid.  Heavy trimming on 9 trees.  Heavy price tag.  It was a quick conversation Read more

Communicate Crisply - 4/11/23

I try to make these tips around 300 words, but oftentimes I’m North of 400.  I work hard to pare down the words because I don’t want one or two core points being lost in a barrage of verbosity. Phrases like lost in a barrage of verbosity are the things Read more

Improve Co-worker Rapport to Improve the Customer Experience - 4/4/23

The movers were packing up the house.  It was a stressful time for Janine.  She was having to move her aging parents to a new city in a new State to help care for them.  The parents were leaving behind friends and a community where they’d lived for most Read more

G.A.B. – The Survey Guiding Principles - 3/28/23

You’re excited!  The company has okayed your conducting a survey, and you immediately think of a half dozen questions you want to ask every customer.  You document your questions, get input from others, and all of a sudden you have a Word document with 36 questions instead of 6.  Read more

PAY ATTN – 11/1/16

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“PAY ATTN” – As I was leaving the football game, a fan had on a Carolina Panthers jersey, and where the name usually appears on the back above the number, the phrase “PAY ATTN” was stitched.

I’m not sure what the fan had in mind by having that moniker instead of her name, but it was ironic that that’s the phrase used. About a week ago, I decided to write this Tip of the Week about that expression I heard far too often growing up – pay attention. Or as my dad would say – PAY ATTENTION!!

I’ve used it with my daughter over the years as well; in some ways, I’ve become the parent that I used to roll my eyes at on a daily basis – but I digress.

The reason for being told to pay attention is because the parent wants you to focus on them and what they say. Oftentimes, “Pay Attention” is accompanied by “look at me.”

So why is Paying Attention so important? Because it conveys you’re listening to the other person, and it shows respect. How disrespected do you feel if the employee is “paying attention” to their phone when engaged with you?

The phrase can get the person focused. It can get them attentive to the individual who should be the most important person in the world to us at that moment – the person we’re serving.

Ask yourself – if I was PAYING FULL ATTENTION to this person, what would I do?

Would you set down materials that you’re holding? How would you listen differently? Would your body language or expressions change? How would your posture be different?

If you told yourself to “PAY ATTENTION!!” at the start of a conversation, what would you do differently?

Make the other person feel important and respected. PAY ATTN.

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