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A Story of Willie and Aubrey - 2/8/22

The gift shop was a great experience!  Aubrey had bought items online from the shop for years, but she had never stepped foot in the store itself.  However, when travel plans took her on a trip to new surroundings, she took time out of her day to go to Read more

It Matters Who You Know - 2/1/22

The season ticket account holder has an issue, but he’s not too concerned about it:  I’m going to call my guy, and he’ll take care of it. The patient is confused about their bill.  The family member says: I know someone who can help. The husband discovers a problem in the Read more

Put an End to 1-Star Ratings - 1/25/22

If you ever had service performed on your car, I would not doubt it if you received the immediate e-mail asking for that 5-star rating. They want the big ratings because that makes them look good, and to get the big average rating you have to avoid the 1-Star Read more

Signs of Service Recovery Situations - 1/18/22

As we continue the slow trend of more and more customer interactions becoming in-person again, we need to remember those signs that we’re about to enter one of THOSE conversations.  It can typically take only 5-10 seconds to realize this is going to be a high-risk situation with the Read more

In Survey Development, Think in Reverse - 1/11/22

We often meet with clients interested in conducting a survey, and when we discuss the project, many clients come with questions in-hand.  They are interested, curious, even excited sometimes about the possibility of tapping into the voice of the customer! And when we review their questions and start to see Read more

Foster Positive Feelings - 1/4/22

I bet a lot of you all are like me - when you’re asked to share your feelings, it’s not always something that feels comfortable.  It obviously depends on the situation and who’s asking you to share your feelings.  So, many of us might hesitate in sharing our feelings. However, Read more

How to Make the Situation Right - 12/28/21

The manager in the field office felt that - when problems arose with customers - the company didn’t do an especially good job of responding effectively.  He felt like this was hurting customer renewals of annual service agreements.  The company developed many customer service and retention initiatives with little Read more

2021 Holiday Poem - 12/21/21

Breathe and rest and relax and rejuvenate. Close the eyes, and fill the lungs. Take a break, and be with friends. This is a time to begin. Renaissance is called a rebirth. Birth can bring new life. Life gives opportunity for living. Living gives opportunity for joy. We have so many outside factors, So many things that tug Read more

“I’m Sorry” Doesn’t Mean “I’m Guilty” - 12/14/21

Individuals and organizations mess up; that’s part of life… They told me that they were going to be at my home at a certain time; they were REALLY late.  The customer service representative said they would get a message to a co-worker, and the co-worker would call me back; I Read more

Apply Selfless Service - 12/7/21

Andrea had worked in human resources for years, and the company decided that it wanted to hire employees who were more customer service-oriented, regardless of the position.  After making that decision, they added some creative questions to the interview process. One of the most interesting questions that Andrea had to Read more

PAY ATTN – 11/1/16

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“PAY ATTN” – As I was leaving the football game, a fan had on a Carolina Panthers jersey, and where the name usually appears on the back above the number, the phrase “PAY ATTN” was stitched.

I’m not sure what the fan had in mind by having that moniker instead of her name, but it was ironic that that’s the phrase used. About a week ago, I decided to write this Tip of the Week about that expression I heard far too often growing up – pay attention. Or as my dad would say – PAY ATTENTION!!

I’ve used it with my daughter over the years as well; in some ways, I’ve become the parent that I used to roll my eyes at on a daily basis – but I digress.

The reason for being told to pay attention is because the parent wants you to focus on them and what they say. Oftentimes, “Pay Attention” is accompanied by “look at me.”

So why is Paying Attention so important? Because it conveys you’re listening to the other person, and it shows respect. How disrespected do you feel if the employee is “paying attention” to their phone when engaged with you?

The phrase can get the person focused. It can get them attentive to the individual who should be the most important person in the world to us at that moment – the person we’re serving.

Ask yourself – if I was PAYING FULL ATTENTION to this person, what would I do?

Would you set down materials that you’re holding? How would you listen differently? Would your body language or expressions change? How would your posture be different?

If you told yourself to “PAY ATTENTION!!” at the start of a conversation, what would you do differently?

Make the other person feel important and respected. PAY ATTN.

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