7 Tips to Help You Retain More Customers and More $$

Since the road to financial prosperity for any business is paved with your customer’s dollars, the question is how do you gain more dollars?

The best way to have those prosperity-paving dollars tomorrow is to retain today’s customers. So here are 7 quick tips to retain and grow your business with existing customers:

1) When you make the sale, ask the customer why they bought from you. This allows them to tell you why they’re a customer, and probably why they’d buy again.

2) At least annually, ask the customer why they would continue to buy from you, or ask why they’d leave. This will tell you their retention drivers.

3) Act on the answers to the first two questions.

4) State to your customers what they can expect in terms of their experience with you. Clearly say “you’ll get this…in this timeframe…in this way…from these people…at this level of quality, etc.” Stating expectations for the customer ensures you have a better chance of meeting those expectations.

5) Become great at delivering a reality (with your people, processes, and services) that meet or exceed those expectations.

6) Thank the customer…repeatedly. When they enter your store, when they complete the purchase, and in follow-up communications after the sale. Customers want to feel appreciated.

7) Have specific methods of dealing with customer issues when they arise, and train staff on how to handle the irate customer and apply those methods when a customer is upset. As we’ve said before, when there’s a complaint, speed of resolution is a top priority.

Want to retain more customers and their money? Become great in these 7 facets of customer service.

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