Be Grateful for the Good – 11/21/23

There are several different ways you could define gratitude, but I like the simple definition:  Being grateful for the good.  There’s a lot to be upset about, a lot to be frustrated with, there’s a lot to lament about in our customer service roles.  But even in these challenges, we can also find some good.

So, in this time of the Thanksgiving Holiday in the USA, here are some things for which we can all give thanks, and we can feel and convey gratitude…

I’m thankful for the customer who’s patient with a long wait on the phone or in a line.  I’m thankful for the person with the good attitude despite the complaint that they’re sharing with me.  

I’m thankful for the co-worker who lets me vent when things go wrong.  I appreciate co-workers who educate me on a job so that I can do it better, even though it’s not their job to be my informal trainer.

I appreciate the bosses who give team members support without micromanaging, and those individuals who are great models to follow.

I enjoy laughing with co-workers and customers; sometimes it’s about co-workers and customers, but it’s always in good fun.

I’m grateful that I have the technology to make my job more efficient.  I have gratitude for the kindness of others who think about little things I’ve said in the past and remember them, whether they’re my individual likes or my personal concerns.

I appreciate that people in customer service usually think first about what’s best for others before thinking about what’s easiest for themselves.  And I appreciate you all for subscribing to these tips and reading them every week.

As I noted earlier, gratitude is, in part, something you feel, often due to the kindness of others.  But gratitude is also something you can convey.  So, to those you are grateful for, tell them of your appreciation for their kindness.

Let’s all be grateful for the good.

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