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Sometimes it’s as important to admit what you don’t know as what you do know. By understanding the gaps in your knowledge or expertise, you allow yourself to be open to learn. You allow yourself to grow personally and professionally.

I pride myself on being able to read others’ body language and being very intentional about my own expressions, gestures, and other non-verbal cues when needed. But I’m not THE expert, and I don’t know anyone who has that title. However, I read this online article (17 Tactics For Reading People’s Body Language) with enough specific and interesting tips, that I wanted to share it with you.

In particular, note the use of the open palm to convey honesty; it’s akin to taking notes at a meeting; when I do so, I always leave my tablet flat on the table, in plain sight of the customer so they could easily read any note being written. This helps them to trust me more and become more comfortable in the conversation.

The article talks about a lack of crinkles around the eyes as being a red flag about a fake smile. I’m BIG on the eyes – making good eye contact, smiling with the eyes, watching other’s eyes. You can sometimes truly see into the soul and spirit of others through their eyes.

Finally, see “If they mirror your body language, the conversation is probably going well.” I don’t often look for people to mirror my body language, but I’ll often mirror theirs if they seem uncomfortable or not open at first. If I can get them to relax their body, open their arms, open their hands, then I’m sensing that they’re feeling more comfortable and open. And in customer service, the customers will become more confident in your response if they’ve first become more comfortable with you.

Be yourself. Be sincere. Be genuine.

And also be the best you can be with your body language.

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