Holiday Poem 2023 – 12/26/23

The days are getting longer,

The skies are getting brighter.

Festivities behind us,

And festivities before us.


There’s ups and downs and change coming,

And we can’t predict when or where.

There’s challenges and joys and opportunities around,

Of which you may or may not be aware.


But one thing we know as we look at each day,

Is that there’s always a means to find the good way.

There’s a way to push through and a way to overcome.

There’s a way to deal with the trials that come.

There’s a way to celebrate when the good things occur.

There’s a way to see positives as challenges occur.


Maybe it’s tough to feel positive as we go into each day.

It’s unreasonable to push all negatives away.

But part of the way that we see in all some good

Is to open our eyes and seek what is true.


So on those days when inside when we’re not feeling so good,

There is one thing we can do if we allow ourselves to.

Look for good that is already there,

It’s the flowers and the pets, the smell of something good in the air.


Seek out those who laugh and who bring you joy.

Allow yourself to walk toward those whose company you enjoy.

Look around for something funny, something comforting, something sweet.

Reach out to someone whose company you’ll enjoy for a meet.


At times when it’s tough to feel good from within,

Be intentional about seeking good from those around you then.


I hope you have joy in the upcoming year.

And for the tough days…

Seek those who share love and good cheer.


Happy Holidays!

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