How Credible are You?

Granted, customer service is vitally important. We train companies on customer service and promote the importance of it day after day. But in order for the customer to believe what you say and to trust in you, you have to have a certain level of credibility. Remember, in many of these cases, what the customer is thinking about as you’re communicating with them is that they don’t know you, and yet you’re asking them to believe what you’re saying. So how do you overcome this inherent credibility gap?

Some of how you overcome is to use a tone of voice and body language that promote confidence and assuredness. But in many organizations, particularly in hospitals (where you are giving shots and putting patients into MRI scanners and giving them medication), how you communicate can only provide so much of an impact. In these situations, customers need to know your credentials.

Customers need to know if you’ve been a nurse 10 or 15 years; they need to know if you’ve done hundreds of MRIs; they need to know if you’ve drawn blood samples hundreds or thousands of times. Because in many situations, the reason why you’re trying to build credibility is not just to build trust, but it’s also to overcome and eliminate customer anxiety. If the customer knows your qualifications, if they know your experience, they know a little bit of history, then that knowledge can often help to build confidence and eliminate anxiety and concerns.

Make sure that you’re credible by appropriately conveying your experience and training.

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