Same Place, Different Experiences – 9/26/23

Meredith was getting discharged from the clinic, when the nurse came in, gave her a packet of information including the discharge instructions, explained the next steps, and asked if Meredith had any questions.  Freida, across the hall, was told that she could leave when ready.  However, Freida had to ask if there were any discharge instructions since she hadn’t received any.

Meredith was going to the sporting event, and she was very excited!  Her account representative e-mailed her a week beforehand with instructions on parking options and other amenities/activities around and in the arena.  Freida showed up to the same sporting event.  She had no idea where to park, how much it would cost, or where to enter the arena.

Meredith happened by a new coffee shop, and she ordered a drink.  The employee showed her where the cream, milk, chocolate, and other items were that Meredith could add to her coffee.  The employee also told her about a loyalty program.  Freida went to that same coffee shop later in the day, got her coffee, and left.  She thought:  This tastes good but could have used a little more milk and a dash of mocha.

Both Meredith and Freida went to the same businesses on the same day.  Obviously, these businesses need to learn a lot about consistency, because they were all inconsistent in the experiences that their customers received.  In each case, Meredith had a better experience.  And the key differentiator was that the people serving Meredith were proactive.  They were anticipating next steps, and the result was a customer who was more comfortable, more confident, had a better experience, and even had a better cup of coffee!

Don’t wait for the customer to ask.  Stand out from the crowd by simply being more proactive.

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